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Bentley Continental detail

Luxury Valet

One whole day dedicated to making your vehicle feel like new again!

  • 8 hours
  • 260 British pounds

D e s c r i p t i o n

For when your vehicle needs a complete reset with added gloss and protection to keep it looking fresh, this is the service for you. Utilising a full suite of products and accessories we will spend a whole day deep cleaning and protecting your pride and joy leaving nothing but a brand-new car on your driveway. What's included: - Deep cleanse of wheels and arches removing all built up brake dust and dirt, utilising fallout remover and if needed a dedicated wheel acid. - Engine bay is cleansed to remove dust, dirt, and grease. Waterways unblocked. Air dried to remove sitting water then all plastics dressed. - Thorough pre-wash utilising brushes & cleaning swabs to remove grime from all built up areas including window seals, fuel flap, front grills, and door/boot shuts. - Citrus pre-wash and snow foam to loosen and remove all surface dirt. - 2 bucket safe wash with grit guards and fresh mitts. - Liquid decontamination of the paintwork (Fallout, Tar & Glue remover) - Vehicle is re-snow foamed to neutralise all traces of chemicals prior to drying. - Mechanical decontamination of paintwork (Clay bar treatment) - Ceramic-infused rinse aid is applied to provide gloss and protection to all exterior surfaces (paintwork, glass, trim and alloys) - Exterior is dried using a combination of plush drying towels and forced, filtered warm air to mitigate water streaks. - Paintwork is treated to a gloss enhancing machine polish (non-correctional) - Entry level ceramic coating applied to paintwork and windshield (up to 1 year durability) - Glass cleaned inside & out, arches and tyres dressed. - Interior is thoroughly dusted and hoovered. - Fabric seats and floor mats are steamed and extracted if needed. - Any/all leather is cleansed. - All interior crevices are cleaned/steamed to remove built up dirt. - All plastics are cleansed to remove dirt and finished with an anti-static UV protectant. - All vents are cleaned and steamed through to remove dirt and bacteria. - Fabric seats and floor mats are steamed and extracted if needed. - Headlining is cleaned and steamed. - Persistent odours are treated and removed. Please note: > We will require water and electric access; See Terms and Conditions for more information. > The price is for a vehicle of average condition. If heavily soiled on either the exterior or interior, extra charges will be involved due to increased product/labour cost.

C a n c e l l a t i o n p o l i c y

If a booking is cancelled with no credible reason within the 7 day period before your scheduled appointment, then full payment will be required.

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