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Wheel Cleaner 500ml

Wheel Cleaner 500ml


A powerful Alkaline based (non-acidic) wheel cleaner that effortlessly removes brake dust from the dirtiest of wheels. Also doubles up as an excellent tyre/rubber cleaner. Not suitable for unlacquered or exposed metal as it may dull the finish.


How to use:

  • Spray directly onto wheels including callipers and barrels.
  • Starting with the barrels agitate the cleaner using your dedicated wheel brushes.
  • Working your way towards you, clean the callipers, spokes, and wheel nuts.
  • Spray directly onto your tyre sidewall and scrub until the foam turns brown.
  • Rinse freely
  • If black or orange spots remain on the alloy, then either tar remover, fallout remover or a dedicated wheel acid will be required.
    • Acid free formula
    • Highly concentrated
    • Powerful & efficient cleaning
    • Doubles up as an excellent tyre/rubber cleaner.
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