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Shampoo 500ml

Shampoo 500ml


A PH neutral shampoo that offers fantastic foaming and lubricity ensuring the safest possible wash for your vehicle. Thanks to a blend of detergents and special additives it efficiently removes all traces of grease, oil, and road grime all whilst not affecting any vehicle protection. A must have for a swirl free contact wash.


How to use:

  • Pour 2-4 squirts of product into your bucket (Dilute as appropriate for the task at hand)
  • For best results foam up the shampoo using your pressure washer for a thick and lingering foam.
  • Work from the top down of your vehicle and work the wash mitt in straight lines. Remember to rinse out the mitt in a second bucket as you go round!
  • Wash the lower sections of your vehicle last.
  • Rinse freely and thoroughly before drying.
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    • PH Neutral
    • Highly concentrated and very economical
    • Streak free
    • Cherry fragranced
    • Wax/LSP/Ceramic coating safe
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