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Citrus Pre-wash 500ml

Citrus Pre-wash 500ml


Our PH Neutral Citrus Pre-wash is perhaps our most versatile product in the range. Thanks to its extreme concentration and fantastic dirt/oil lifting capabilities it can be used on almost every surface of your vehicle.


Our Citrus Pre-wash is the muscle behind your safe wash, shifting all of the heavy dirt prior to snowfoaming & contact washing.


How to use:

  • Dilute as required in your chosen dispenser (Spray bottle or pump sprayer)
  • Apply to area and allow to dwell until dirt is visibly loosening.
  • If using on the exterior of your vehicle, rinse product freely and do not allow to dry. Re-apply if necessary.
  • If using on the interior of your vehicle, work product with a brush/applicator then wipe away with a microfibre. Repeat if necessary. (NOT suitable for leather)
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    • PH Neutral
    • Wax/LSP/Ceramic coating safe
    • Highly concentrated and dilutable
    • Use neat or dilute 1:1 for heavy oil/grease cleaning. Dilute 4:1 for medium soiling (Best for maintenance washes and plastics including engine bays) Can be diluted up to 8:1 for interior cleaning or light exterior use.
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