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Ceramic Coatings

The absolute best protection for your vehicle.

  • 8 hr
  • From £100

D e s c r i p t i o n

Please email to enquire and book any ceramic coating service. If you're looking to guard your vehicles paintwork against oxidisation, chemical stains & general contamination build up, all whilst boosting gloss, depth of colour, easier washing, and insane water beading then a ceramic coating is for you. Unlike waxes and sealants, ceramic coatings bond to lacquer on a molecular level providing unmatched durability and protection against the elements. Like anything else vehicle related, coatings need the correct products and wash methods to maintain their performance. Prior to any coatings being applied the correct preparation needs to take place. This involves the following: - Deep exterior clean including all rubber seals, grills & door shuts. - Full decontamination wash (fallout traces removed, tar spots removed & clay barred) - A machine polish to remove swirls and/or scratches. We always recommend a machine polish prior to any coating application. This is to ensure the paintwork is in the best possible condition prior to the coating locking in that finish (Think of a freshly painted wall with holes and gouges in it - The walls will be clean, but you'll still see the marks!) Prices for paintwork ceramic coatings exclude the cost of machine polishing as this would be quoted separately based on the condition of your paintwork and your desire for the overall finish. - 12 months (8000 miles) protection - £100 - 36 months (25000 miles) protection - £300 - 48 months (31000 miles) protection - £375 Disclaimer: All durability claims are that of the coating manufacturer and not R.H Autocare and will widely vary on the vehicles washing schedule. For our paintwork ceramic coatings, we use Gyeon coatings which are safe to be applied outside as long as the surface doesn’t get wet for the first 12 hours post application. Machine polishing cost: - Single stage enhancement £325 - Multi-stage correction from £350 per day - Scratch/bird lime removal £40 per item/per panel To enquire and book your vehicle in for a ceramic coating please email us at providing full vehicle details and photos (especially of any specifics you would want us to address such as bird lime stains) We can also apply ceramic coatings to your exterior glass (£100), wheels (from £25 per alloy faces), callipers, suspension components, plastic trim and even leather and fabrics! Please mention this in your enquiry so we can quote you accurately.

C a n c e l l a t i o n p o l i c y

If a booking is cancelled with no credible reason within the 7 day period before your scheduled appointment, then full payment will be required.

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