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Ceramic Coating Maintenance Detail

Maintaining your ceramic coatings is the key to their longevity!

  • 5 hr
  • 200 British pounds

D e s c r i p t i o n

Just like all other aspects of your vehicle, ceramic coatings require regular maintenance to ensure they are performing as expected. What we're looking for is overall water behaviour, paint slickness and any bonded contaminants that need removing (Iron filings, tar, tree sap, water spots, bugs etc) Following an initial assessment of your vehicle, we will use a wide range of dedicated shampoos and cleaners to gently cleanse the paintwork returning the ceramic coatings properties. What’s included: - Full front to back wheel clean, including arches flushed and cleaned. - Citrus pre-wash and snow foam is applied prior to contact washing to remove all traces of surface dirt, grime, and traffic film. - Door/boot shuts, fuel flap and window seals are all cleansed. - 2 bucket safe wash with grit guards and fresh wash mitts. - Decontamination wash to restore the ceramic coatings properties. - Further products used after initial wash if needed depending on the contamination (water spots etc) - Exterior is dried using a combination of plush drying towels and forced, filtered warm air to mitigate water streaks. - Paintwork wiped down with panel prep to fully remove any residue from cleaners. - Ceramic topped with a fresh layer of Gyeon Can-Coat (12 month rated coating) - Interior valet. We recommend this service annually or every 12,000 miles. > We will require water and electric access; See Terms and Conditions for more information. > The price is for a vehicle of average condition. If heavily soiled on either the exterior or interior, extra charges will be involved due to increased product/labour cost.

C a n c e l l a t i o n p o l i c y

If a booking is cancelled with no credible reason within the 7 day period before your scheduled appointment, then full payment will be required.

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